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This week, ReGrained, a mission-driven ingredient platform and packaged goods innovator, announced that it closed out its $2.5 million Series Seed financing led by Griffith Foods, the privately held global product development company. The investment will help ReGrained scale their proprietary processing technology and commercialize their ingredient business.


Griffith Foods and ReGrained began their partnership during Cohort II of TERRA, a first-of-its-kind program bringing together the industry’s most disruptive startups and progressive corporations to fuel cross-industry innovation and set a new standard for food and agriculture. In less than a year, TERRA’s unique pilot-driven approach has helped catapult Griffith Foods, a TERRA corporate collaborator, and ReGrained, a TERRA startup, from “strangers” to strategic partners taking on a global expansion.

As mentioned in ReGrained’s official announcement:

"Our purpose is to better align the food we eat with the planet we love. Our Edible Upcycling model changes the way we value food and the resources that support all life. We could not ask for a more mission-aligned partner that directly supports our strategic goals than Griffith Foods," says Daniel Kurzrock, ReGrained's Chief Executive Officer.

Read the full announcement in ReGrained’s official press release.

Next week, TERRA founding partners RocketSpace and Rabobank, the leading provider of financial services in the food, agribusiness, and beverage industry, will kick off Cohort III along with some of the world’s most influential companies including Griffith Foods, AgroFresh, Beta San Miguel, GrainCorp, Grupo Azucarero Mexico/CULTIBA, Nestlé USA, OSI and Tate & Lyle. 17 of the most innovative startups from around the world have been selected to work alongside the industry leaders.

 For more information on TERRA, please visit www.terraaccelerator.com.


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About Terra

Founded in 2016, TERRA is a leading global innovation accelerator fueling groundbreaking transformation in Food and Agriculture. The program brings together experts, decision-makers and innovators across the entire value chain – fostering connections that catapult major breakthroughs into scalable solutions by pairing emerging growth companies with established multinationals, in a pilot-driven engagement that leads to tangible results. Unlike other accelerators, TERRA does not require equity from startups. Startups must have a product in market/ready to launch and have raised a minimum of seed-funding, better positioning them for productive pilots with corporate collaborators. For more information on TERRA, please visit www.terraaccelerator.com. Since launching, TERRA has brought together 12 corporate collaborators worth over $100B in annual revenue, 51 emerging growth companies and launched 47 pilot partnerships.

Terra PR Contact

Tina Wung

About RocketSpace

Founded in 2011 in San Francisco, RocketSpace is a global ecosystem of people and ideas that provide the necessary velocity - both speed and direction - to help the world’s top innovators bring the future to market. By uniting the highest quality corporate innovators, startups and investors across a holistic platform, RocketSpace fuels collective growth for the entire innovation ecosystem. Learn more at Rocketspace.com.

About Rabobank

Rabobank Group is a global financial services leader providing wholesale, rural and retail banking, leasing, and real estate services in more than 40 countries worldwide. Founded over a century ago, Rabobank today is one of the world’s largest banks with over $750 billion in assets. In North America, Rabobank is the premier bank to the food, agribusiness and beverage industries, providing sector expertise, strategic counsel and tailored financial solutions to clients across the entire food value chain. Rabobank believes sustainability and innovation are critical in promoting a thriving food and ag industry that will feed growing global populations for years to come, which is a key focus Rabobank’s Banking for Food vision to grow a better world by 2050.

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