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Innovating Food + Ag

Altum big logo - Esteban Soto Altum Technologies is the only company to use software-guided power ultrasound to remove fouling from industrial equipment with no production stoppages and no toxic chemicals.
bb-logo-tagline-2000 - Ori Zohar Burlap & Barrel a direct trade single origin spice company. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Burlap & Barrel partners directly with smallholder farmers to equitably source exceptional spices and help improve the livelihoods of their partner farmers. Their spices are featured in the kitchens of Michelin-starred chefs, food makers, and thoughtful home cooks across America..
CL logo, sin SA - Nestor Zuniga ClearLeaf has developed a range of innovative solutions that meet the critical market need to eliminate toxic systemic products that contaminate the environment and harm workers, while still meeting the performance characteristics required by small, medium and large-scale agricultural producers, as well as their increasingly demanding clients. Their first product line, GotaBlanca®, is a line of non-toxic contact-action liquid emulsions that uses surface chemistry and colloidal technology to enhance plant growth through the control and management of fungal and bacterial pests.
Corumat Logo - Mike Waggoner CORUMAT makes high performance, low cost packaging from PLA, a bio-based polymer. We enable the circular economy by creating high-performance compostable packaging, and are working to scale food waste -> packaging technology.
DO-2019-Logo-2C_BLUE_Large - Bobby Levine Digested Organics manufactures advanced filtration solutions to help customers reduce wastewater disposal costs, reclaim clean water for reuse, and produce valuable co-products. We specialize in filtering difficult waste streams such as manure, along with food and beverage and other industrial wastewaters. We also deploy our filtration technology to help companies manufacturing clarified or concentrated food and beverage products.
Kiverdi Logo Stacked Kiverdi produces Air Protein™, a new form of sustainable protein created from elements found in the air we breathe. Our approach, inspired by NASA research, is scalable (to the millions of tons and beyond), sustainable (uses 10,000x less land and 2,000x less water than soy), and part of the solution to feeding  our growing population without the strain on natural resources.
DataFarming DataFarming is an Australian agtech startup which is unlocking the potential of Precision Agriculture products and farm data by putting easy-to-use, simple, automated and low-cost digital solutions in the hands of agronomists and producers.
phyto logo_blue - Deukhoi Kim Phyto Corporation is an innovative food & biotech company creating the future of food with Salicornia, a plant grown by seawater. Phyto Corporation has developed the world's first '100% plant-based salt,' "PhytoSalt," extracted from Salicornia, a plant containing high contents of salt. PhytoSalt is effective on high blood pressure and is a microplastics-free salt as well. By desalinating Salicornia, Phyto Corporation has also developed a new superfood, "PhytoMeal," that can solve the global food shortage.
SP Logo - James Bello Shameless Pets works to reduce the environmental impact of pet food through their nutritional, upcycled treats.
SnapDNA logo - Thomas Jacobs SnapDNA has developed the food industry’s fastest molecular pathogen test. Our technology meets or exceeds every metric established for lab-based testing enabling enrichment-free, sample-to-answer test results in 20 minutes for critical pathogens such as listeria, salmonella, and E. coli. SnapDNA’s RNA/DNA-based platform works with industry established sample sizes and collection methods, detects live cells only, and provides quantitative results with near-zero false positive accuracy.
SwissDeCode_900x450-900x450 SwissDeCode helps Farmers and Food Manufacturers to grow and produce food that is safe to eat. We replace the most widely used DNA lab test, with a rapid onsite DNA test, that delivers almost immediate results for food safety, authentication and compliance.
The Better Meat logo - Paul Shapiro The Better Meat Co. is a business-to-business ingredients company that helps institutional food sellers boost their meat products by using less meat and more plants. In short, we provide innovative plant protein formulas for foodservice providers and meat processors to make their meat, in a word, better. Their various lines of delicious plant proteins blend seamlessly into ground meat products, enabling our customers to enhance the taste of their products while improving both nutrition and sustainability, all in a cost-competitive way.
Y Microbio Logo SupHiRes - Jonathan Sierra Yarok Microbio makes a technology for fast detection of dangerous bacteria (E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella, etc.) for the agri-food sector. Detecting bacteria in fresh food using current methods is too slow: results come only after products are marketed or consumed, a cause for product recalls, lawsuits, health hazards. Based on a new multidisciplinary approach, Yarok gives accurate results in 45 minutes instead of days and in a work-shift time frame.