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Innovating Food + Ag

Anergy Waste transformation technology to cleanly transform the majority of waste feedstocks into electricity, liquid fuels, or carbon products.
Bird Control Group Automatic, continuous bird repelling technology using an ultimate laser beam 
BoMill Grain quality sorting technology
ClariFruit Mobile application monitors and analyzes fruit quality, ripeness and freshness, offering a fast alternative to operational decisions 
EarthSense Ultracompact, autonomous, teachable robots for crop breeders, scientists, and growers.
Elio Solutions to provide farmers with high impact insights on production costs, productivity improvements, and harvest forecasting.
GoodSpread A mission-born food brand making delicious, organic, nut butters that fund lifesaving treatments for malnourished kids
Here Foods Fresh produce ingredients grown by independent farmers to CPG 
Jackson's Honest Bringing ancestral fats back to the snack food aisle by introducing the world's first potato, tortilla chips, and grain-free puffs made with 100% organic coconut oil
Miyoko's Revolutionizing the dairy landscape by making organic butter, cheese, and other dairy products from plants instead of animals
Nutrifusion Powdered, organic fruits and veggies with stabilized nutrients, offering natural sources of plant based vitamins and nutrients for clean label
Opertech Bio A service-based business offering customers a pioneering approach to measure taste
Phyco Health Seaweed and science for health and nutrition
Swarm Engineering Enabling enterprises to optimize their processes to achieve superhuman performance with a focus on supply chain efficiency
TE-FOOD The world's largest publicly accessible, farm-to-table food traceability system using blockchain for data credibility
Xtrem Biotech Probiotics for agriculture

Optimizing enzyme immobilization to create unique, sustainable, and responsible processes