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Frequently Asked Questions

General Program Questions

TERRA is a global innovation accelerator fueling ground-breaking transformation in the Food + Agriculture industry. Our program brings together experts, decision-makers, and innovators across the entire value chain – capturing and fostering synergies that catapult major breakthroughs into scalable solutions by pairing emerging growth companies with established multinationals, in a pilot-driven engagement that leads to tangible results.


Our expansive ecosystem promotes collaboration and cross-pollination up and down the Food and Agriculture value chain.



Our pilot program provides a low-risk platform to validate technologies, strategies, products, and ideas.



Our outcome-driven framework is a proven way to accelerate innovation, realize market efficiencies, and achieve success.



Our reputation and network of leading Food and Agriculture collaborators provide an industry-wide “stamp of approval” that amplifies awareness and opens doors.

Application Process - 3 Months

Kick Off - 1-2 Days

Execution of Pilot - 4 Months

Demo Day - 1-2 Days

  • Startup that is focused in the food and/or agriculture industry
  • Seed to series B funded startups preferred
  • Product, service, or technology already active in market
  • Ability to travel to San Francisco for Kick-Off and Demo Day

TERRA is very flexible - typically we spend one month ideating the pilot, and four months executing the pilot. The actual time commitment will be agreed upon between you and the Corporate Collaborator you partner with.

Although TERRA has a defined timeline, most of our Corporate Collaborators and Startup Collaborators create long lasting relationship that will go beyond the conclusion of the program.  

Participation in TERRA can result in many different types of collaborative outcomes. Some examples from previous Cohorts include:

Development of New Products

Know Brainer produces functional ketogenic coffee creamers and instant beverages made of healthy fat rather than sugar.

Outcome: Through TERRA, Know Brainer partnered with Nestlé and Givaudan to launch their new product - 16oz multi-serve pourable keto creamer with collagen protein - that was introduced to the market at EXPO West 2018.

Nestlé supported Know Brainer with consumer insights research and access to its technical team, which assisted with bench-top testing and trial production runs at a co-man.

Givaudan, the largest flavor and fragrance company in the world, brought their knowledge and expertise to the collaboration to optimize the flavor and texture of Know Brainer’s single packets and their multi-serve product.


Adaptation to New Industries

Biome Makers develops microbiome-based tools and products to enhance more productive and sustainable agriculture, based in complex intelligence IT tools that allow them to understand the dynamics, dependencies and impact of the microbial communities.

Prior to joining TERRA, Biome Makers mainly focused on the wine industry by helping growers and winemakers to diagnose the health status of the vineyard as well as improve the quality and flavour characteristics of the wine by understanding and modulating the microorganisms during the fermentation process, providing an explanation to the Terroir flavours of wine.

Outcome: Through TERRA, Biome Makers partnered with BSM, the largest producer of cane sugar in Mexico. As a result of this partnership Biome Makers has successfully adapted their existing product for the wine industry and are now providing similar solutions in the sugar cane industry.


Acquire New Corporate Clients

Pycno has built a network of wireless sensors that measure key parameters such as soil moisture and temperature, air temperature and humidity, and solar radiation that provide their clients data to become more efficient.

Outcome: Through TERRA, Pycno partnered with BSM to install their device in multiple BSM sugar cane fields.

After testing Pycno’s product, BSM has become one of Pycno’s biggest clients, not only providing additional sales but also product validation.


New Use Cases for Existing Products

Kakaxi creates solar powered connected cameras with sensors to help growers and farmers track the growth of their crop as well as collect data to make their farms more efficient.

Prior to joining TERRA, Kakaxi only focused on providing pre-harvest solutions.

Outcome: Through their pilot in TERRA with GrainCorp, a leading international agribusiness and food-ingredients processor, Kakaxi discovered their device could also provide post-harvest solutions.

As a result, Kakaxi has expanded their original business model and they are now providing solutions to many more challenges in the food and agriculture industry.


Grow your Startup

“Before joining TERRA, Provenance was an eight person startup based out of the UK with only local clients. However, now we have doubled in size and also have international clients as well as a lot more recognition.” - Jessi Baker, Founder of Provenance


“We choose the TERRA innovation program because it was an AgTech specific platform that provides support during the entire process. It is not just a matter of networking, they really care about providing value to all the parties.” - Adrián Ferrero Fernandez, CEO of Biome Makers


“We joined TERRA because we were internally neck deep in groundbreaking innovation projects. Accelerating our internal endeavors with the TERRA structure and Nestle muscle was perfect.” - Shane Emmett, CEO of Health Warrior


No. TERRA is a virtual program which does not require any company to be in person during the duration of the program. However, we do require everyone to attend Kick Off and Demo Day in San Francisco.

TERRA is a food and agriculture pilot-centered program with an objective to facilitate applied innovation between corporates and startups. Each Cohort has unique and  specific focus areas determined by our Corporate Collaborators. Startups that match the focus areas for that specific cohort should apply to TERRA. The selection process is centered around determining the best strategic fit between the applicant and the Corporate Collaborator based on the focus areas identified so as to allow for the most fruitful partnerships.

For startups, participation TERRA is free and we do not require any equity. However, all companies must cover their own transportation and accommodation costs to attend Kick Off and Demo Days in San Francisco. In addition, there may be some pilot related costs which will be agreed upon between your company and the Corporate Collaborator you partner with.

Once selected to TERRA, each startup will work with a single lead Corporate Collaborator who they will run a pilot with, but this can be supported by multiple other corporates.

Each Cohort TERRA has different Corporate Collaborators that are amongst the top corporations in the food and agriculture Industry.


Submit Application by May 12, 2019

Finalist Selection and Business Unit Navigation Sprints: June - August

Kickoff and Pilot Phase: September - December 

Demo Day: January 2020

For each Cohort we work with our Corporate Collaborators to determine innovation objectives they aim to achieve. Based on these objectives, we create the selection criteria.

Step 1: APPLY - Fill out an application on our website. If your profile matches the innovation objectives that the corporates are seeking to achieve, we will invite you to fill out a full application.

Step 2: TERRA TEAM REVIEW - The TERRA team reviews the full applications, and creates a shortlist of startups that is then submitted to the corporates for review.

Step 3: CORPORATE REVIEW - The corporates review the shortlist of startups, and place a score next to the ones who will move forward to the semi-finals.

Step 4: CORPORATE ROUNDTABLE - Startups selected as semi-finalists have an opportunity to sit in a digital roundtable with the corporates, and ask them questions regarding the innovation objectives, and what they are looking for in a collaborator. This is an opportunity to capture information on what type of pilot projects they corporates would be likely to select.

Step 5: PILOT SUBMISSION: Startups will then have 1 week from the time of the info session to submit their pilot proposals. The TERRA team will provide a link with a template to submit the pilot ideas.

Step 6: PILOT REVIEW & SELECTION: Corporates will review the pilot projects submitted, and select the ones that will move forward by using a scorecard provided by the TERRA team. Startups will then receive notification of their acceptance within one week of final selection by the corporates.

  • BSM is the largest producer of cane sugar in Mexico. In 2015/16 harvest BSM produced 18% of Mexico’s sugar cane.
  • GrainCorp is a leading international agribusiness with diversified operations that span four continents and supply customers in over 30 countries.
  • Griffith Foods is a 100-year-old company that develops and manufactures customized food ingredient systems.
  • Meat & Livestock Australia is an exempt public authority which provides research for the Australian red meat and livestock industry and promotes beef, lamb and goat meat in Australia and international markets.
  • OSI is an American privately owned holding company of meat processors that service the retail and foodservice industries worldwide.
  • Tate & Lyle is a global provider of ingredients and solutions to the food, beverage and other industries, with operations in over 30 locations worldwide.